04 April 2012

our mini vaca

We were lucky enough to sneak away for a quick mini vaca to the Riviera Maya.
Our main reason for going was to attend the wedding of Jared's navy buddy, Matthew.
It was a great weekend and we throughly enjoyed every single minute.

Jared and Matthew

Rehearsal Dinner
The view from our breakfast table.

This is the first time I've seen my hub in his uniform.

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

We went to lunch at Yard House with our family and friends. 
I made cake pops and hid the little "baby" inside one of them.
Long story short, everyone picked the color/gender they suspected and only one cake pop was left over.

As everyone excitedly bites into their pop.....no signs of the baby.

Of course, it was in the left over one that nobody selected!

It's a BOY!!!

20 March 2012


our camera cord is still missing.
dang it.
lots of posts and pics when we locate it or buy a new one!

did i mention we are going to the riviera maya in 3 days?
just the hubby and i.
sweet bliss.

02 March 2012

I'm back.

I think (hope) that I have overcome the "sick" period of this pregnancy. I am starting to get my energy back and very thankfully have been able to eat most foods again.

I am just about 19 weeks along and have been loving be able to feel our baby kick. I think that is the point for me when it all becomes real.

We will be moving close to my due date. So, I am starting to feel the pressure to have everything purchased, sewn, and ready to go. Oh, the nesting stage.

Our "baby gender reveal" lunch, preggo pics and Caden update coming soon...(our camera cord has been lost for awhile)

28 January 2012

a little self pity

Blogging (pretty much everything) has taken the backseat lately. I've been spending a lot of time hibernating at home and feeling semi-sorry for myself because the nausea has taken over for the past 7 weeks. This experience is new for me. I now really appreciate the fact that I was not sick at all when pregnant with Caden. Although, it is hard to see the light (or relief) at the end of the tunnel, I keep reminding myself how blessed I am to have this little babe and that this sickness is SO worth it. So, complaining/self pity aside, I am one grateful mother.

Meanwhile, Caden is flourishing and continues to keep my spirits up. Whether it be a new funny face, a word, or dance move, he keeps me laughing. I feel so bad that he has been cooped up in the house and at times I barely have the energy to play with him. I've had a few good days when I was able to take him to play group etc. and he was beyond excited. It broke my heart. I hope for both our sake that this sickness subsides soon.

I'll be 14 weeks in a couple days and we are finding out the sex of the baby next week! I'm really looking forward to it! We are having a family "baby gender reveal," like we did when I was pregnant with Caden. Take a look back here.

A few pics from Christmas time....enjoy.
Caden with (cousin) Auntie Domi

Temple Square - Salt Lake City
It was freeeeeezzzzzing!

A fantastic Christmas dinner. Of course, we're all still in our jams.

My beautiful nieces - Domi, Jo, and Shaunie

Salt Lake Temple

Caden loved playing with his cousin Dylan.

13 January 2012


On Christmas day, Caden surprised everyone. 

We are thrilled and blessed to be having another baby.
Now, we are even more excited for summer to be here.

03 January 2012

good times & an update

We are back from our whirlwind trip. (thank goodness)

As always, Utah was a pleasure. Although, we did not get to experience a white Christmas this year.
I was terrible at taking pictures but, I'll try to scrounge some up or steal them from my nieces. We spent all our time with family this trip and it reminded me just how much I miss Jared's family. We don't get to see them often, maybe twice a year if we're lucky. So, any extended amount of time is a treat. I'm spoiled to have most of my family so close.

The day we arrived home, we left from the airport to make a few stops to visit some of my family. The best part was getting to hold my newborn nephew, who is such a little bundle. I can't wait him and his parents to move back to California this summer! The next day, Jared and Caden ( I didn't have it in me) took off to Arcadia to visit the Daines clan. We can't wait for them to move back to California this summer as well.

Did I mention that I still have yet to unpack from Utah. I'm exhausted. I will get to it this week.

A quick update....
I started working for Sherwood Development again, part-time and mostly from home. It's the perfect set up for us right now. I started my own design business and plan to get it going in the upcoming months.

Jared is done coaching football, which has given him much more free time and allows him to come home early from work :) He training to race in an olympic triathlon this spring.

Caden is non-stop. He has more energy than we know what to do with. He is learning and growing so fast.  Why does the first year go by so quickly? He is so much fun and we love him to pieces.

I am so ready for a new and exciting year. Keep up with us, we're most definitely moving AGAIN this summer. Stay tuned.